Winter in the Kvačianska Valley

Whether you're drawn to peaceful strolls amidst snowy nature, seeking winter hikes to test your endurance, or eager to explore local attractions
and historic sites adorned in their winter attire, the Kvačianska Valley offers something for every winter enthusiast.

Ski resorts

  • The Roháče-Spálená ski centre – 13 km 

Located 8 km from Zuberec, the Roháče-Spálená ski centre in the high mountains offers slopes suitable for both experienced skiers and beginners, including families with children. The resort features an express 6-person chairlift, a 4-person chairlift, and three drag lifts. Adrenaline seekers can explore the ski mountaineering free zone directly above the resort, as well as a newly built snow park. Cross-country skiers, on the other hand, can enjoy two circuits totalling 11.3 km in length.

  • The Janovky ski resort in Zuberec – 7 km

Situated directly in Zuberec, the Janovky ski resort offers easy and medium slopes. Skiers are transported uphill by four drag lifts with a total capacity of 2,500 persons per hour, including lifts for children. The slopes are also illuminated for everyone who enjoys night skiing. In total, the ski slopes span 5.3 km with a 200-metre elevation. Nearby, cross-country skiing enthusiasts can explore 8 km of groomed trails.

  • SKI VITANOVÁ Vrchdolinky – 24 km 

This ski resort with a chairlift and stunning views of the Tatra Mountains offers exhilarating skiing on perfectly groomed slopes. Warm refreshments are conveniently available right at the resort. With a welcoming atmosphere for both children and adults, SKI VITANOVÁ Vrchdolinky offers amenities such as ski and snowboard school and kindergarten, ski service, and equipment rentals. The resort features a total of 4.1 km of ski slopes with a 243-metre elevation and a transport capacity of 3,600 persons per hour.

  • Meander Skipark Oravice – 18 km

The Meander Skipark Oravice stands out as one of only a few ski resorts in Central Europe offering a ski-in ski-out thermal water park experience. The resort features a children's park with a short drag lift and a ski school. Visitors can indulge in culinary delights at two restaurants serving traditional Slovak and Polish dishes, along with a slope-side snack shack. The top of the slope offers magnificent views of the Western Tatras and the Skorušina Mountains.

  • The Jasná – Nízke Tatry ski resort – 39 km

You can't give this a miss! The largest ski resort in Slovakia, with 50 kilometres of slopes, and 23 chairlifts and drag lifts. Ski schools, hotels and much more.

Other winter activities

  • Cross-country skiing / Cross-country skiing trails

For those skilled in cross-country skiing, the enchanting valley in which our chalets are located offers the perfect opportunity to explore natural terrain. 

The Chalets Kvačianska dolina – Oblazy mills – Chalets Kvačianska dolina trail

Daily groomed cross-country skiing trails:
The first trail, Zuberec - Brehy (lower circuit), is marked in blue and spans 5.9 km. Following alongside the Studený potok stream, it offers picturesque views of Mt. Sivý Vrch, Brestová, and Osobitá.

The second trail, Zuberec – Brehy (upper circuit), stretches over 3.1 km in length and offers views of Mt. Veľký Choč. Both of these cross-country skiing trails can be combined, which creates an impressive circuit totalling 9 kilometres.

The third cross-country skiing trail, Zuberec – Zverovka, spans 9.2 km and is marked in red. Along this route, you'll encounter notable landmarks such as the Brestovská cave, Horáreň Brestová (a gamekeeper's lodge), and the Roháčský potok stream

Our fourth recommendation is the cross-country skiing trail Zverovka – Adamcuľa, spanning 4.3 km and marked in green. Along this route, you'll have the opportunity to admire the Roháčsky waterfall and take in the stunning views of the Predná Zábrať peak. These four trails definitely make the picturesque village of Zuberec worth visiting.

  • Ski mountaineering

For those who love ski mountaineering and extreme sports, the Salatínska and Spálená Valleys offer thrilling opportunities for ascents and descents. The Roháče area welcomes ski mountaineering enthusiasts from 21 December to 15 April. One notable route is from Zuberec to Machy, spanning 11.3 km.

  • Sledging

You can use the snow-covered gentle slopes in the immediate vicinity of the chalets with your children for sledging or tobogganing.

The area around the chalets and the ski resorts around offer plenty of opportunities for sledging even in the early spring months of March and April.

  • Nordic walking

The location of our chalets is ideal for Nordic walking. If you've never tried this wonderful sport, we can offer private or group courses led by a knowledgeable instructor.